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Hi.  I'm Phil.

If you're reading this, you've probably lost someone dear to you.

I understand. I have met, spoken and responded to others like yourself, who miss someone, and hope there is some truth in the whole Afterlife concept, and the ability to contact those in it.

I never set out to 'become psychic' - whatever that means to you. I was curious about the whole concept, but thought those you hear about, see on TV, are all phoney.  Some are, perhaps some are not.

But I made a far greater discovery: How an ordinary person like you or me, can become aware of the signs of contact with those we miss in the Afterlife. But more than that, to recognize those signs, and then verify the contact is real.

This website is designed to help you understand there is an Afterlife, your loved ones are there, and they're just a breath away.

I wish you all the best, and encourage you to take a breath, dry your tears, and find out how you too, can be in touch with those you miss. 

I know my material has been a help to thousands over the past 8 years, so please send a link to anyone you feel may benefit from my comforting discovery - that family and friends who have passed away, are still with us.

"I think this is a very giving and selfless thing, to share with others how to connect, and your views on the spiritual world. I've had some really amazing experiences using your technique. I wish you the best of luck, and admire your courage. KW, Au.

 * Phil G (Graham).  Accidental psychic medium (overshadowing technique), Australia. Sharing his story of how anyone can contact family and loved ones in the Afterlife, since 2005.

"I had to go into the bookshop. I don't know why. somehow, your book seemed to be the only one in the shop. I'd lost my son a few months earlier. My husband picked up the book when we got home, and found it so helpful. He understands he was already being contacted by our son. Anon. Vic.

"I cannot thank you enough.  I didn't think your idea would work for me, but I ordered your CD, and tried it, and I can only say it really does work.  I am amazed.  Jason, UK.  

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Psychic Medium Phil G hails from Australia. He talks of Life After Death, Spirit Contact, Afterlife, and how to contact family and friends in the Afterlife. Phil G has helped many who are  Grieving the loss of a loved one.  Phil G, Afterlife.
He has helped many who have suffered loss, including loss of a parent,
loss of a mother, loss of a father, loss of a daughter, loss of a child, loss of a son, loss of a brother, loss of a sister, loss of a friend, loss of a partner, loss of husband, loss of wife. Medium Phil G shares his belief and understand on life after death with people who have contacted him from Australia, England, Ireland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada, USA America, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia.
Phil G share how to contact the dead, recognize spirit contact, and how to develop your own psychic abilities. If you are interested in contacting the dead, or contacting those in the Afterlife, Phil G shares his information with compassion. Phil G's poem on life after death has helped many. Phil G shares his simple technique for contacting family in the Afterlife on his YouTube video on contacting the Afterlife, called "CoffeeTime" Many search engines locate his information , articles, products and information under the search term "Afterlife Phil G"

CoffeeTime Video:
Phil shows how to connect with your passed loved ones, as you watch this video:

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